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FAQs - Shipping and Handling

How will you ship my AsukaBook order?
Your AsukaBook order will be shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS) unless otherwise specified.

Do you have expedited shipping options?
Yes. When placing your AsukaBook Order you will have the option to choose the method of shipping you prefer. If a preferred method of shipping is unavailable on the drop-down menu, please contact Customer Care.

Where is my order shipped from?
All AsukaBook orders are reviewed and processed in Bend, OR. All files are sent to the AsukaNet production facility in Hiroshima, Japan where they are printed and bound. Once that has been completed, the books are sent to our office in Bend for a final white glove review, packaging, and shipping.

How long does UPS Ground shipping option take?

Do you drop ship?
Yes. We can ship orders directly to your clients and will not include an invoice unless specified. Simply select the drop ship option when placing your order.

Will you send me tracking information once my order is shipped?
Yes. You will be sent an email confirmation that your order has been shipped to you. The e-mail will contain a link to view your updated sales receipt, which will include your tracking number so that you may track your package in transit via or depending on where you are located.

Can all my recent orders be shipped together?
Yes. This will only happen if we receive multiple orders at our distribution center at the same time. In this case, you will need to contact Customer Care to arrange combined shipping as it will not be done automatically. We are unable to hold numerous orders/books on site awaiting more to arrive from our production facility due to storage limitations. Because of this, most orders will be shipped individually.

What if I do not want a paper invoice included in my shipment?
You can opt out from receiving a paper invoice in your shipment. On the order payment page you have the option to opt in or out by checking the box next to "Do not include a paper invoice with my shipment."

Please note that this option to opt out of an invoice will only apply to that specific order, not opt you out of invoices indefinitely. Please see Terms of Service and Condtions of Use for further details about this paperless service.

What if my AsukaBook looks slightly warped upon arrival?
This can happen with many products when the humidity fluctuates drastically due to climate change. Please lay your book flat for 24 hours and let us know if it doesn't correct iteself.

Is there a handling fee for AsukaBook orders?
Yes. All AsukaBook orders incur a handling fee.

How much is the handling fee?
Handling fee is $7.99 for up to 20 books, and increases by an additional $7.99 for every 20 books thereafter. Please contact Customer Care for bulk order handling fee estimates.

Why does AsukaBook charge a handling fee?
A handling fee is charged to all AsukaBook orders to cover a white glove inspection and processing the shipment of each order.