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Online Album Proofing

AsukaBook now provides a free integrated online proofing solution. Simply upload the JPEG files of your book design to you account sync your book design layout to the online proofing website or and then send your client a link to their book for them to review, make notes and approve. There is also an integrated option in AsukaBook Maker to sync directly to the proofing system as well.

Please note, all book designs uploaded to the online proofing system will be stored for 90 days. After 90 days, you will need to sync your book again and restart the proofing process.

HOW To SYNC Your Designs via your online account

  • Follow the steps to upload your JPEG files HERE. Please note, when asked if you would like to place your order now once your files have uploaded, select 'No.'
  • On your account homepage you will see the JPEG books you have uploaded. Click 'Proof' next to the book you would like to sync to the online proofing system.
  • You may get a dialog box where you can select a few proof option settings based on the type of book. Select your desired preferences, if applicable, and your book will begin to synchronize. Please note, synchronizing could take a while based on the size of your files, your computer capacity, and your internet connection.
  • When the synchronizing is complete (you may need to refresh your page for progress to update), progress will be 0/(number of designed files).
  • Click again on 'Proof' to open the online proofing website where you can add notes, email your customers, view a slideshow, print, update your settings, and much more!

SYNC Your Designs via AsukaBook Maker

To sync your book to the proofing system, click on the Sync icon found on the AsukaBook Maker software Pages Tab and proceed.

Sync AsukaBook Album to Online Proofing System

Click HERE to visit the AsukaBook Maker website to download the design software now!

(Please note, this feature is not currently available for all languages and versions of the AsukaBook Maker software, thus is not mentioned on the AsukaBook Maker website at this time.)