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Getting ready to design your AsukaBook? There are many great options available to design an AsukaBook!


ASUKABOOK Maker 2 is our free design software. It is loaded with tools and features including templates, masks, borders, proofing, and so much more!

AsukaBook PHOTOSHOP® Tool (ABPS)

This plug-in that integrates seamlessly into Photoshop and allows you to create blank templates, export your design, and convert your design to another product, size, etc.


AsukaBook InDesign Tool is a plug-in that integrates seemlessly in InDesign that allows you to simply create a book layout, resize a design, generate a proof book, etc.

Other Software

There are many other design options out there and we want you to use what you are most comfortable with. If you design using alternative software, transfer your designs onto AsukaBook pre-set templates in AsukaBook Maker, InDesign or Photoshop.

Custom design

Interested in having your AsukaBook products designed for you, we recommend Lindsey at Studio Elle, she has been working directly with AsukaBook and will take fantasitc care of you.


AsukaBook provides tips and suggestions on the layout of your design. These tips are relative to our template guidelines and printer specifications.