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Asukabook Photoshop® Tool™

Photoshop provides a comprehensive suite of tools for editing digital images and creating layout designs. You can resize, enhance, color correct, and lay out your photos onto our AsukaBook templates all within Photoshop.

Preparing Photoshop

1. Launch Photoshop

2. Open Color Settings (Mac: Cmd+Shift+K; PC: Mac or Ctrl+Shift+K)

3. Ensure Working Spaces RGB matches the color space of your images you will be using for your design. (Adobe RGB or sRGB)

4. "Preserve Embedded Profiles" for RGB, CMYK, and Gray colors

Photoshop color settings

Download Asukabook Photoshop Tool

AsukaBook Photoshop Tool is a plug-in that integrates seamlessly into Photoshop that allows you to simply create blank templates, export your design, and convert your design to another product, size, etc.

Download Blank Templates

AsukaBook provides blank Photoshop templates that allow for complete design freedom. Each template set, and template within that set, are setup specifically with the appropriate size, DPI, color profile, naming, and guides for an individual product type, size, finish, etc. Be sure to download the correct templates for your desired product and do not change any of the template specifications while designing. If at anytime you change your mind about any of the originally selected product details, please download the new corresponding templates and transfer your design to them.

Design Templates in Photoshop

  • Open the templates in Photoshop and add desired images and enhancements to them.
  • The guidelines display where the canvas will be trimmed in production, as well as where the spine and gutters are located. Please note that slight shifting can occur during the trimming process so be sure to design to the edge of the canvas to guarantee a full bleed.
  • View layout at 100% to ensure image quality and check for typographical errors.
  • Soft proof your design and images before finalizing your layouts and saving the files. Learn more about color management...

Save Your Design Files

When your layouts are completed, you will want to create two separate folders in your client folder for the designed files, one for master, PSD, files, and another for your JPEG template files. Save your files in PSD and JPEG formats in their corresponding folders.

JPEG File Settings

1. Click Save As... From the File Menu

2. Navigate to the related client's JPEG folder

3. Leave filename as is !IMPORTANT!

4. Select JPEG format from the format drop-down list

5. Click the checkbox next to Embed Color Profile (AdobeRGB or sRGB)

6. Click Save

7. Enter a quality of 11

8. Select the Baseline Optimized format

9. Click OK
embed color profile

save JPEG file settings

Upload your JPEG Files and place your order

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on the "UPLOAD JPEG FILES" button

3. Follow instructions provided to upload your files

4. Once uploaded, you may place your order or save your files to your account to order later. If you save your files, you will find them on your account homepage. You may sync those files to the free proofing system and order them when you are ready.

Click HERE for more details on how to place an order.