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ART Layflat Folio/Tri-Folio

This premium quality folio offers unmatched luxury and versatility. The Art Layflat Folio surpasses expectations as an in-studio image display, a client add-on, or a thoughtful gift.

The Art Layflat Folio boasts elegant ivory uncoated paper and a smooth hard cover. It is seamless, layflat, and press printed using exceptional-quality 6-color printing and presented in a frosted plastic case. These fully designable folios are available in bi-folio or tri-folio in multiple sizes matching our Art Layflat Books allowing you to easily take a book spread use that for your folio design.

Product Detail Summary

9x11.5, 11.5x9, 6x7.5, 7.5x6

Folio Sides
2, 3

Paper Type
Textured Ivory Art Paper
(Contact us to request a paper sample.)

Inside Paper Finish

Book Cover
Designable Hard Cover

Cover Finish
Laminate Glossy*, Laminate Matte*

Clear Frosted Plastic Case

* Tri-Folio: All three sides of the cover design template will have a Laminate Glossy or Laminate Matte finish.