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Gallery Box & Accessories

The Gallery Box and accessories are a unique and eye-catching way to display favorite images while allowing for versatile display options that can be adjusted at anytime depending on a person's mood or vision.

The Gallery Box comes in a variety of paper choices with an optional personalized hot stamp text and includes 12 mounted 5x7 images with a laminate glossy or matte finish. The printed cards are easily lifted out of the box with a satin ribbon.

Acrylic Stand

This clear acrylic desktop stand comes with four available slots for displaying one or more images in a variety of different positions.
(Sold separately or in combination with the Gallery Box and/or frame.)


The frames come in a small and a large size with semi-adhesive pads to attach the 5x7 images included with the Gallery Box. he mounted adhesive allows for easy adjusting or swapping of the images. The small frame comfortably fits two images at a time, while the large frame fits four. Vertical images, horizontal images, or a combination of both, can be mounted in the frames. Each frame comes finished with your choice of one of the five papers of that of the Gallery Box. The back of the frame comes with a fold out stand to display the frame horizontally on a surface, along with notches to hang the frame vertically or horizontally on the wall.
(Sold separately or in combination with the Gallery Box and/or stand.)

Alternative or add-on to your album

This is a great product for your clients who aren’t ordering an album, but would like several smaller size images printed. This is also a great add-on for customers who are getting an album. Have your customer select their 12 favorite images and now they’ll have a way to show off those images on their desk or shelf.

Product Detail Summary



Card Finish
Laminate Glossy, Laminate Matte

Lift-Top Box with optional Gold or Silver Hot Stamp

Box Paper - New
Dotted Sand (cream bottom)
Smooth Black Pearl (black bottom)
Smooth Chocolate Pearl (black bottom)
Smooth Cream Pearl (white bottom)
Quilted Black Pearl (black bottom)
Quilted Cream Pearl (cream bottom)

Stand Slots

Frame Dimensions
Small - 17.5x10.5 (fits 2 images)
Large - 33x10.5 (fits 4 images)

Frame Paper - New
Dotted Sand, Smooth Black Pearl, Smooth Chocolate Pearl, Smooth Cream Pearl, Quilted Black Pearl, Quilted Cream Pearl