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Zen Layflat Folio/Tri-Folio

Perfect as an in-studio image display, client add-on, or by itself as a thoughtful gift. The Zen Layflat Folio offers a sleek way to display photo favorites.

The Zen Layflat Folios are seamless, layflat, and press printed using exceptional-quality 6-color printing and presented in a frosted plastic case. These fully designable folios are available in bi-folio or tri-folio in multiple sizes. Most of the folio sizes match our album sizes, so it takes no time at all to use one of your clients favorite album spreads to design them a gift folio to add to their package.

Product Detail Summary

12x12, 10x10, 8x11, 11x8, 8x8, 7x7, 5.5x8, 8x5.5

Folio Sides
2, 3

Paper Finish
Laminate Glossy, Laminate Matte

Designable Hard Cover

Cover Finish
Laminate Glossy, Laminate Matte

Clear Frosted Plastic Case