AsukaBook Difference

We are so glad you are interested in learning more about our AsukaBook difference! Here are just a few reasons why we are different than most other album companies:
  • We truly care about making sure your album is perfect. All our products are handcrafted in Japan with amazing attention to detail.
  • Our printing staff is managed by a guy who has a PhD in Color management. Yeah, there really is such a thing.
  • We make designing your album easy with our free design software, design tools, and design options.
  • Our customer service team actually knows what they are talking about and we've empowered them to be able to help you. They don’t need to put you on hold to ask a manager.
  • We offer albums at several different price points and in unique styles.
  • We give you one 50% off discount, plus three discount codes each year to use on any book you choose. Learn more...
  • We've been making beautiful albums for over 20 years and we’re obsessed with doing them well.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We strive to be an environmentally responsible business in our community and we thank you for your interest and support in our efforts to promote a successful, healthy and sustainable environment.

Bend, Oregon Office

  • Creating products that will last for generations to come
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Recycle Bins at every desk and in the break room.
  • Rewards for volunteering time in the community
  • Education sessions on recycling and footprint reduction
  • Focus on paperless communications
  • Use of recycled paper products where applicable
  • We even make our notepads to give paper a second life before recycling :)
  • Live plants for healthy air and a happy heart
  • Passive solar for heat production and blinds and curtains for heat reduction

Hiroshima, Japan Production Facility

Japan bolsters very strict building codes that not only saved many lives in the 2011 earthquake but are also considered highly eco-friendly. Because of the strict standards, Tokyo suffered minimal damage to its buildings, including our headquarters, reducing the need for new building materials.

Other measures taken within the production facility include streamlined processes to reduce waste and cost. Albums with mistakes are donated to local elementary schools and misprinted pages are made into writing pads for kindergarten classes. Our production also provides albums to local non-profits so that they may use funding for social and environmental projects.


AsukaBook ships our beautiful products worldwide. We share the love of our community with global community by committing to:
  • Using recycled craft paper to protect your AsukaBook during shipping
  • Reuse shipping materials whenever possible
  • Cardboard and paper recycling
  • Paperless invoicing