AsukaBook was one of the first companies to offer press printed books to professional photographers. Since launching our professional line over 20 years ago, we have received multiple awards, including five Hot One’s, and still get rave reviews. Our top priorities are to provide our clients with a super high quality product, amazing customer service, and innovative product options. That’s what we expect from companies we choose, so we wouldn't want to provide anything less.

AsukaBook is owned and operated by Clare and Kevin Kubota and their team, Kubota Photo-Design, Inc., in beautiful Bend, Oregon. All of our products are made in Japan where they are assembled by hand with Japanese values for craftsmanship at Asukanet Co., Ltd. They started manufacturing press printed books in Japan in 1995 and continue to print and bind books for clients worldwide. Asukanet originally reached out to Kevin to be a representative in the Unted States because of the knowledge him and his team had of the professional photography industry. They have maintained a successful partnership ever since. Kubota Photo-Design, Inc. also owns and operates Kubota Image Tools and Kubota Market.

Our Team

Kevin Kubota headshot

Kevin Kubota

Idea Guy
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Clare Kubota

GM/Queen Bee
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Carol Zielinski

Customer Care


Asukanet Co., Ltd. is based in Japan and has been creating digital photo collection products for Japan’s professional photographers since 1995. Asukanet produces over 300,000 coffee-table style books annually for Japanese customers alone and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.

Asukanet is also working with some of the major digital camera makers to develop new methods for exhibiting photography through their superior printing techniques.
AsukaNet Hiroshima Japan Production Image