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Online AlbumLayout Proofing & Digital Album

Save Everyone Time - Get quick turnaround and fewer revisions with our easy and automated system!

AsukaBook provides AlbumLayout, a FREE online proofing solution for you and your clients. Simply send your client a link to their design to review, make comments, and approve. It also has a variety of slideshow features that allow your client and others to view online, download, and share custom branded digital album designs.

Access the system using AsukaBook Maker's integrated syncing feature or upload your JPEG files designed in Photoshop or InDesign to your AsukaBook account and sync to the proofing website.

Admin Interface

Registered AsukaBook users can access the proofing admin interface to set up the product design viewing preferences, customize the pre-set email templates, add users, email clients product layout links for proofing, and view comments.

AsukaBook Album Proofing Service - Admin Interface

Client Interface

Your clients can view a slideshow of their layout on desktop and mobile devices, add comments and approve the design.

AsukaBook Album Proofing Service - Client Interface
AlbumLayout Proofing System Slideshow
View Sample

Slideshow Branding

Customize your album design slideshows with opening and closing slides that can also be linked to your website, social media, etc!

Social Media Sharing

Add options to share the slideshow on Facebook and Twitter for your clients to show their friends and family. Take advantage of this feature to advertise on your social media sites too!

Video Download

Allow users to download a video file of the slideshow, after the album design has been approved, to save and share it forever!
Steps to sync your album design layout to the AlbumLayout Proofing website if using AsukaBook Maker:
  1. Click on the Sync with AlbumLayout Website icon found on the AsukaBook Maker software Pages panel.
  2. Enter Client's Name and select preferences, if needed.
  3. Click OK to sync.
  4. Once files have synced, the layout slideshow will open on an internet browser window.
  5. Refer to the AlbumLayout Proofing website Online Help to learn how to manage your files in the proofing system.

Sync AsukaBook Album to Online Proofing System
Steps to sync your album design layout to the AlbumLayout Proofing website if uploading JPEG files to AsukaBook.com:

1. Log in

Log into your AsukaBook account.

2. Upload JPEG Files

Click on Upload JPEG File from the navigation bar found on the right side of your Homepage.

3. Choose a Spot

Click on one of the five spots. Each spot will accept a set of files for a single product. You may upload up to five different sets of files in one order.

4. Drag & Drop ALL JPEG Files

Navigate to and select all of the JPEG files that make up your design project (not the folder itself), then drag & drop them where indicated.

5. Data Check

Each file will be processed and analized to ensure that the size, resolution, color space, and filename are correct. An error will occur if one or more of the files do not meet the specifications. Review the Troubleshooting page or contact Customer Care with any questions.

6. Product Details

Select your product details and click on Save.

7. Upload another set of files or continue

To upload additional JPG files (up to five sets per order), repeat steps 3 through 6. Once finished, type in REVIEWED in the available field confirming you have read our terms, and that all files are print ready.

8. Save Uploaded files

Choose NO to save the files to your account so that you may sync with the AlbumLayout Proofing website. Your uploaded files will be saved to and found on your account homepage.

9. Sync & Proof

Click on the Proof button to sync with the AlbumLayout Proofing website. Refer to the AlbumLayout Proofing website Online Help for instructions.

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