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Upload your jpeg files to place YOUR ORDER

Upload your final, pre-designed, high resolution JPEG files to your online account and place your order. JPEG files must meet the exact specifications of our design templates.

1. Log In to your account and click the Upload Jpeg File(s) Button

2. choose a spot

Click on one of the five spots.

3. Drag & Drop JPEG File(s)

Navigate to the folder on your computer that contains all of the final JPEG files. Select all of the JPEG product design files and drag & drop them onto the upload graphic.


Please be patient while the system analyzes and uploads the files. An issue will only arise if the files do not meet the specifications of our blank Photoshop templates relative to the product including inaccuracy of the number of files, file names, dimensions, DPI, etc.

5. Product Details

Complete your product details.

6. Select another spot or continue

To upload more products, repeat steps 2 through 5. Once finished, enter "REVIEWED" into the available field to confirm terms have been read and products are print ready.

7. Upload Complete

Once the upload is complete you will have the option to place your order or to save the files to your account so that you may sync with the proofing system and place your order later. If you select "NO," continue to step 8. If you select "YES," proceed to step 9.

8. IF NO - Uploaded Jpeg Books, PROOF, Edit, and Order

Click HERE for more details about the free online proofing system. Once you are ready to order, check the boxes to the left of the files under the shopping cart icon and then click the "PLACE ORDER" button.

9. Place AsukaBook Order

Double-check your order details and shipping address, apply any applicable discounts, select invoice, marketing options and shipping options, enter payment information, and submit your order.

IMPORTANT: If you are not redirected to a "Thank You" page after submitting your order, and do not receive an order confirmation email, the order was not placed successfully and you may need to restart your order. For further assistance, please contact customer care.