AsukaBook Maker 2 - Our FREE Design Software

AsukaBook Maker 2 (ABM2) is a comprehensive, easy-to-use design software application to help you create a custom design efficiently exclusive to AsukaBook products. Experience the simple, convenient, and high quality image editing features, a variety of layout templates, sloppy borders, masks, and many other image enhancement tools. Also try the Auto Layout option, or the Organizer option to select the images to allocate, before you start designing. We promise to make your design time more efficient and manageable than ever!
Process  |  ABM2 Download & User Guide

Download & Install Design App

Download and install the AsukaBook Maker app. Refer to the application's User Guide for installation steps.

Design your Layout

Start a project for the product of choice, import images, and design the layout. Refer to the application's User Guide for application features, design steps, file saving settings, and accepted formats.

Sync with the AlbumLayout Proofing Website

Optional Step - Upload your album layout to the online AlbumLayout Proofing website to share with your clients and get their approval. You can also download a slideshow version of your layout (MP4) to share and post on your website and social media channels. Refer to the AlbumLayout Proofing website User Guide for instructions.

Export & Review Print Ready Files

Save/Export high resolution PDF file of your layout, and review at 100% scale for accuracy, quality, color & typographical errors prior to placing an order.

Place Order

Upload files and place your order by following the steps found in Order with PDF Files.