Blank Templates & AsukaBook Photoshop® Tool

You can resize, enhance, color correct, and lay out your photos onto our already created and downloadable Blank Templates.

An alternative to downloading the Blank Templates, is to download and install the AsukaBook Photoshop Tool (ABPs), a plug-in that integrates seamlessly into Photoshop, which allows you to create the blank templates within Photoshop, export your design, and convert your design to another product and/or size.
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Each set of blank template is set up with the appropriate size, resolution ( case & cover - 260 DPI | pages - 271 DPI ), color space ( sRGB or Adobe RGB ), filename, and guide locations.
  • Download the specific set of templates for the product type, size, number of sides and finish every time you start a design project.
  • Do not change any of the template specifications, including file names.
  • If you add or remove pages from/to the original download, note that the size of the cover/case files may also need to change. Download the set of files for the exact number of pages to ensure cover/case files have the correct dimension and guide placement, and the rest of the files are named correctly. Note: Not all products are available in 2 side increments.
Learn more about the blank templates and general layout tips HERE.

Color Space

Book Style

Page Finish

Book Size

Number of Sides
(2 Sides = 1 Page Spread)


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