Blank Templates & AsukaBook Photoshop® Tool

You can resize, enhance, color correct, and lay out your photos onto our already created and downloadable Blank Templates.

An alternative to downloading the Blank Templates, is to download and install the AsukaBook Photoshop Tool (ABPs Tool), a plug-in that integrates seamlessly into Photoshop, which allows you to create the blank templates within Photoshop, export your design, and convert your design to another product and/or size.
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Download the Set of Blank Templates for the Book of Choice

Download the set of templates for the specific book style, color space, size, and number of sides needed.


Download & Install the ABPs Tool

Download and install the ABPs Tool. Refer to the application's User Guide for installation steps.

Set Photoshop Color Settings

Ensure your color settings are set as follows prior to starting your design project.

Photoshop Color Settings
Color Settings
  1. Launch Photoshop.
  2. Open Color Settings.
  3. Working Spaces - RGB
    Select either Adobe RGB or sRGB
  4. Preserve Embedded Profiles for RGB, CMYK, and Gray colors.

Design your Layout

Place images and design the layout.

• Color correct and soft proof your images prior to designing your layout. Learn more about Color.

Save & Review Print Ready Files

Save high resolution JPG files of each layout, and review at 100% scale for accuracy, quality, color & typographical errors prior to placing an order.

Photoshop Save Settings
JPG Saving Settings
  1. Flatten all layers in Photoshop - Layer > Flatten Image
  2. Save as JPG file with embedded color profile - File > Save As.
  3. Image Options - Quality: 11 or 12 (Maximum)
  4. Format Options - Baseline Optimized

Place Order

Upload, sync with the AlbumLayout Proofing website, and place your order by following the steps found in Order with JPG Files.

Sync with the AlbumLayout Proofing Website

Optional Step - Upload your album layout to the AlbumLayout Proofing website to share with your clients and get their approval. You can also download a slideshow version of your layout (MP4) to share and post on your website and social media channels. Refer to the AlbumLayout Proofing website User Guide for instructions.

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