How to Place an Order

Upload a print-ready PDF file generated by AsukaBook Maker or high-resolution JPEG files created in Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.
Order with JPG Files  |  Order with PDF Files
Upload and place an order with high resolution JPEG files created with the Blank Templates, ABiD Tool or ABPs Tool. If you are using another app such as SmartAlbums, Fundy Designer, or AlbumStomp, follow the file setup steps detailed HERE.

1. Log in

Log into your AsukaBook account.

2. Upload JPEG Files

Click on Upload JPEG File from the navigation bar found on the right side of your Home Page.

3. Choose a Spot

Click on one of the five spots. Each spot will accept a set of files for a single product. You may upload up to five different sets of files in one order.

4. Drag & Drop ALL JPEG Files

Navigate to and select all of the JPEG files that make up your design project (not the folder itself), then drag & drop them where indicated.

5. Data Check

Each file will be processed and analyzed to ensure that the size, resolution, color space, and filename are correct. An error will occur if one or more of the files do not meet the specifications. Review the Troubleshooting page or contact Customer Care with any questions.

6. Product Details

Select your product details and click on Save.

7. Upload another set of files or continue

To upload additional JPG files (up to five sets per order), repeat steps 3 through 6. Once finished, type in REVIEWED in the text field confirming you have read our terms, and that all files are print ready.

8. Save Uploaded files Or Continue to Place Your Order

Once the upload is complete, choose NO to save the files to your account so that you may sync with the AlbumLayout Proofing website, and to place your order later, or choose YES to continue to place your order now.
  • If you selected NO, your uploaded files will be saved to and found on your account home page. You may edit the product details, delete the files, sync with the AlbumLayout Proofing website, and/or place an order later.
    When you are ready to order, check the boxes to the left of the files and under the shopping cart icon, then click on the PLACE ORDER button.

9. Place Order

Confirm your order details, verify shipping address, apply any available discounts, allow/disallow marketing use, select a shipping method, add Rush service if needed, enter payment information, and submit your order.

IMPORTANT: If you do not see a confirmation page or receive an email with your order number, the order was not placed successfully. For further assistance, contact Customer Care.

Courtesy Review When placing an order, the user confirms that all submitted files are ready for print and take full responsibility for the layout and content. As a courtesy, AsukaBook reviews for noticeable layout concerns, but does not check for grammatical errors, comment on design style, image or color quality. If any layout concerns are found, a representative will contact you with the option to resubmit a revised file or proceed with printing as is.