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AsukaBook InDesign® Tool

The AsukaBook InDesign Tool (ABId) has been created to offer an alternative AsukaBook design option and a more efficient workflow to design layouts for an AsukaBook in Adobe® InDesign. It integrates seamlessly in InDesign and allows you to simply setup a book layout by creating blank templates for designing, convert templates to different book types, sizes and number of sides, and export a JPEG files for your AsukaBook order.

Software Requirements

Adobe® InDesign® CC2021  or higher with Adobe® Bridge® C2021 
Download - Version

(UPDATED: 11/10/20)

Installation Instructions

ATTENTION: Mac OS Users click HERE.
Before proceeding to the installation steps, you will first need to do the following:
  1. Open a Finder window and navigate to '/Applications/Adobe InDesign CC 20XX/Scripts/startup scripts'
  2. Right-click, or hold down the Control key and click, to open the shortcut menu and select 'Get Info'.
    InDesign Startup Scripts Folder
  3. Click on the 'lock' icon to unlock the settings.
  4. Scroll down to 'Sharing & Permissions', click on the privilege for 'everyone', and select 'Read & Write'.
    InDesign Startup Scripts Folder Get Info
  5. Close the Get Info and Finder windows and proceed with installation step 1.
  1. Unzip the AsukaBook InDesign Tool download folder.
  2. Open your Adobe® InDesign® application.
  3. Go to Window > Utilities > Scripts.
    • Note: Windows 7 or Higher Users: Log in as the administrator before starting ABId as the security of Windows were increased with this version and administrative privileges may be necessary to use the Tool.
  4. Right-click 'User' and select 'Reveal in Finder'.
    AsukBook InDesign Tool Installation Step 4
  5. Copy the ABId folder into the 'Scripts Panel' folder.
    AsukBook InDesign Tool Installation Step 5
  6. Close the Finder or File Explorer windows.
    • Note: If there is a previous version of the ABId Tool in the 'Scripts Panel', delete the contents first.
  7. Double-click 'User' in the InDesign Scripts Panel.
  8. Double-click ABId.jsx.
  9. Review the application information and click 'Close'.
  10. The AsukaBook InDesign Tool will be available under the ABId menu. AsukBook InDesign Tool Installation Step 9

File Preparation

Accepted Format: JPG - Save your images with the following Photoshop settings prior to importing into Adobe InDesign.
  1. Retouch/Enhance image.
  2. Flatten all layers in Photoshop - Layer > Flatten Image
  3. Save as JPG file with embedded color profile of AdobeRGB or sRGB - File > Save As.
  4. Image Options - Quality: 11 or 12 (Maximum)
  5. Format Options - Baseline Optimized
Photoshop JPG Save Settings

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