SmartAlbums, Fundy Designer & AlbumStomp

Design software such as SmartAlbums, Fundy Designer and AlbumStop include many of our products. You may design your layout using their software, or any other software of choice, however, additional steps need to be taken to ensure full file compatibility with our uploader system.

Because these application may/may not include all necessary files, such as covers, cases, jackets, etc., to print a complete album, and file names will need to be changed to meet our specifications, you must follow the steps in one of the options below to finalize your design project.
Option 1 Process  |  Option 2 Process

1. Export JPEG Files

Export high resolution JPEG files of your layout from your design app.

2. Download the set of Blank Templates

Click HERE to download the set of Blank Templates for your specific project.

3. Design Case/Cover Files

Open the blank template of any needed files in Photoshop, such as cover or case files, add images and any additional design elements to complete your design. Save a high resolution JPEG file of your layout.

4. Transfer Design Files

Transfer your already designed pages onto the corresponding Blank Template. This will ensure the file names are correct.


5. Rename Files

Manually rename all of your already designed files to meet AsukaBook specifications. Refer to the downloaded Blank Templates or contact Customer Care with questions.

6. Place Your Order

  1. Review layouts at 100% scale for accuracy, quality, color & typographical errors prior to placing an order.
  2. Upload, sync with the AlbumLayout Proofing website, and place your order by following the steps found in Order with JPG Files.

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