Get Started - Frequently Asked Questions

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About Registration

Who can register with AsukaBook?
AsukaBook products are available to professional photographers and designers for resale or promotions. To protect the integrity and confidentiality of our registered customers, we do not disclose our prices, or allow for ordering capabilities to the general public. When you submit your registration request, your business status will be verified. Contact Customer Care if you have any additional question or are unsure if your business qualifies.

Can I still order AsukaBook products if I am not a professional photogapher or graphic designer?
Yes. Studio Elle can design and place an order for you.

Which countries does AsukaBook service?
AsukaBook is an international company with many representatives across the world including Asia, South Pacific, Europe, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States. You can register with the representative nearest you. View our global map to assist you in finding a representative.

Can I register without entering a web address?
Yes. Simply enter in the web address field if you do not have one. You may also enter your Instagram, Facebook, or any other URL that showcases your business and photography. AsukaBook Customer Care may contact you with additional questions to complete the registration process.

How long will it take to receive my registration information?
Your registration request will be reviewed and processed within one business day.

What happens if I forget my user information (User ID/Activation Code, Email, and/or Password)?
You may contact Customer Care, call 1.866.330.1530, or click HERE to reset your password.

Can I change my user information (Email, Activation Code and/or Password)?
Yes. You may change your email and password, however, your User ID/Activation Code cannot be changed.

Log into your AsukaBook account, then select 'Update Account' to make any changes to your contact information.

About Samples

Do you offer studio sample discounts?
Yes! We provide you with four discounts just for signing up – one 50% and three 25% off discounts.

How can I see a sample of an AsukaBook?
We have many pre-designed sample products available to borrow. View available samples and submit your request HERE.

Do you offer any paper/printing samples?
Yes. We can mail you pre-designed print and finish samples and cover and case material samples. Submit your sample request HERE.

About Prices

Do you offer studio sample discounts?
Yes! We provide you with four discounts just for signing up – one 50% and three 25% off discounts.

What are album prices?
AsukaBook products are available exclusively to professional photographers and graphic designers for resale or promotions. If you are registered AsukaBook user, you may log into your account to view the price list.

Not registered yet? Complete and submit your registration request HERE.
If you are not a professional photographer or graphic designer, contact Studio Elle for design and ordering assistance.

Can you provide a discount on additional copies of previously submitted files?
Yes. You may order reprints at a discounted price within 90 days of the original order date. Log into your AsukaBook account, click on Order History, locate the original order, then click on the 'Order Reprint' link.

Can I apply a discount to a reprint order?
You are unable to apply a promotional discount to a reprint order because reprint orders are already offered at a reduced price.  To apply a promotional discount, you may upload the file and place it as a new order.