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Registered accounts will receive one 50% off discount, and three 25% off discount codes.

(1) 50% Off Welcome Studio Sample Discount (CODE: Welcome)

A one-time use discount for 50% off of one full-price product that can be used at anytime, without expiration. This discount code is intended to be used for a studio sample and your studio logo must be included on the front or back cover and/or case of a product. If your logo is not included on the cover and/or case design, your order will not be processed and will need revised before it is sent to production.

(3) 25% Off Annual Discounts (CODES: 25% off-2018-1, 25% off-2018-2, 25% off-2018-3)

These three individual discounts can each be applied to any one full-price product and are valid for one calendar year. Three new 25% off discount codes will be added to your account every January 1st and any unused discounts from the prior year will expire at that time.

View Your Available Discounts

Log into your account and click on the 'PROMOTIONAL CODES' button.

How to Apply a Discount Code or Enter a Promotional Code

Select an available discount code from the drop-down menu located on the payment page next to each product being ordered. To use a promotional code, select "Other" from the drop-down menu and enter the code in the provided field. In the case you are unable to apply or enter a code, do not complete the payment and contact customer care for assistance.

Additional Copies

Save between 14% and 20% on additional copies and get further savings when you order ten or more. Learn more.


Studio Elle BOGO album design
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