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4 Great Reasons to Register!

When you register with AsukaBook you’ll receive a 50% off discount code, plus three 25% off discount codes to use on any products.

(1) 50% Off Welcome Discount Code
A one-time promotional discount for 50% off of one product copy.
(CODE: Welcome)

(3) 25% Off Annual Discount Codes
These promotional discounts entitle you to three 25% off discounts to be used on three individual products. They are each valid for one use only and will expire at the end of the calendar year. Your studio will receive a new set of three studio sample discounts every January 1st.
(CODES: 25% off-2016-1, 25% off-2016-2, 25% off-2016-3)

HOW TO Apply A DISCOUNT Code Or enter a promotional code

Select a valid discount code from the drop-down menu located on the payment page when completing your order. If you would like to enter a promotional code, select the option "Other" and enter the code in the provided field. If you are unable to apply or enter a code, please do not complete the payment and contact Customer Care for assistance.


New AsukaBook Products 2016
NeoClassic Book new case by AsukaBook
We have some exciting news...

Our NeoClassic album has a fresh new look at the same great price! We've upgraded the case from a beautiful slide-in to an elegant presentation box. We hear how much your clients ooh and ahh over our products, and this new box will be no exception.
If you already have the NeoClassic Book as part of your product line, or if you'd like to add it, now is the time to get a new studio sample as we're offering a 50% OFF discount on your next NeoClassic studio sample order.
• Valid for 50% off a NeoClassic Book with the new presentation box.
• Your logo and the word "Sample" in a minimum of 36pt legible font must be included on the front, back, or spine design of both the album and presentation box. For animal friendly leather and other material covers, please include your logo and "Sample" on the first and/or last page design, as well as somewhere on the box.
• Discount code must be entered when placing your order.
• Discount can only be used once per registered customer.
• Applicable to new NeoClassic orders only placed between September 22, 2016 and March 31, 2017.
• The discount expires March 31st, 2017.
NeoClassics are one of our top-selling albums for weddings, babies, families, and everything in between. You sell what you show, and at 50% off this is a fabulous opportunity for you to be able to show and sell them to your clients!