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Photo Mounts

Art | Standard
The Art Photo Mount is similar to the Photo Mount, but printed on ivory art paper. It is hand-mounted with a 7/8" thick edge that is covered in one of six different paper options. Attached to the back is a display stand that will stand the photo horizontally, along with notches to hang the photo vertically or horizontally.

Add-On Product for your albumS

These Photo Mounts are offered in the same sizes as the Art Layflat line, thus allowing for a design of an album spread to be reused to create an exquisite desk or wall hanging.

Product Detail Summary

34.5x9, 27x11.5, 23x9, 18x11.5, 22.5x6, 18x7.5, 15x6, 12x7.5

Photo Finish
Laminate Glossy, Laminate Matte, None

Outer Edge Paper
Black Pearl, Chocolate Pearl, Cream Pearl, Dotted Sand, Gold Honeycomb, Silver Swirl