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Design Tools

All downloads are compatible with MAC and PC operating systems.


ASUKABOOK Maker 2 is our free design software that is loaded with tools and features including templates, masks, borders, proofing, and so much more!


AsukaBook InDesign Tool is a plug-in that integrates seamlessly into InDesign that allows you to simply create a book layout, resize a design, generate a proof book, etc.


Our blank templates for Photoshop come to you complete with guidelines, and the proper dimensions and resolutions built-in. We also have a few design templates available for FREE!!

File Checker

Our File Checker application can be used to create an AsukaBook order PDF from AsukaBook JPEG files or from the AsukaBook InDesign Tool. The program will verify resolution, pixel dimension, file names, color profiles, and number of sides to ensure JPEGs are correct.

Please note, our system accepts JPEG files and verifies your files online. It is no longer necessary to use File Checker.