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AB AlbumOnline

AB AlbumOnline is a free service that allows you to share your beautiful AsukaBook designs with others before, and after (one year after order date), the printed product arrives! Simply choose the option for AB AlbumOnline when placing your AsukaBook order and a URL to view an online digital slideshow of the design via email.

With AB AlbumOnline, clients are able to preview their album and share it with family and friends. You also have the option to share the links to your book designs via Facebook and Twitter! It's a sweet way to share your work with new and prospective clients as well.

Please note, AB AlbumOnline is not a tool that can be used for design proofing. This service is available once the order has been approved and is already in production. We do however offer a free online proofing service, you can learn more about that HERE.