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marketing tips

Below you'll find our ever-growing database of helpful tips and tricks that relate to book design, layouts, photography and more.

marketing tip   The Book Bound Soft Cover line is the perfect AsukaBook to be used as a portfolio piece. It is compact enough to carry with you to presentations and cost effective to leave behind.

There is extra value to be found in professional and beautiful presentations. Showcase your high-end images in a high-end product and grow your business.
marketing tip   You meet potential clients wherever you go so be ready to flaunt your stuff!

Create your portfolio in a 5x5 Soft Cover AsukaBook, then purchase 10 or more to get an incredible deal. You will have several inexpensive, easy-to-carry samples to show off your work.

Order in bulk, as it is less expensive for you!
marketing tip   Studio Samples are a great way to show off your work! When your clients see them they will surely want one of their own!

This is a great reason to take advantage of our first sample, one-time discount of 50% off, and subsequent three 25% off discounts each calendar year. You can keep fresh updated AsukaBook Studio Samples on display all year round without breaking the bank. Order yours today!
marketing tip   Would you like to include your studio information in a book, but don’t want to ruin the personal feel of the design?  You are now able to design on the inside flap of the book jacket of EX books. You could display your studio information on the back inside flap of the book jacket for a subtle and professional look.

When your client’s friends and family are flipping through your client’s beautiful AsukaBook they will see your studio information to know where they too can get great images, an artistic design, and superior products!
marketing tip   Do you shoot many maternity, baby, or child portraits? We now have leather and animal friendly leather book options available in white, pink, and baby blue. The new smaller sizes also make it more affordable to accommodate more package options and possibly sell more books to client's for their parents, grandparents, and other friends and family members.
marketing tip   AB AlbumOnline is now available! This service is free and  a great way to show off your AsukaBook design weeks before you receive the printed book.

If you select AB AlbumOnline, you will receive a link to a flash album in a couple days. You can digitally flip through the book online. Send the link to your clients for them to view and to share with their friends and family. The reprint orders will be rolling in when everyone sees the outstanding book online and wants a copy of their own!
marketing tip  

Child Photographers

A great way to keep your subjects attention is right in the palm of your hand. Find out what your little one is interested in (cartoons, puppies, airplanes), find a video about that interest on your smart phone via YouTube, and attach your phone to your camera!

marketing tip  

Downloadable Templates

AsukaBook's Photoshop templates are not just for Photoshop. If you layout your book in another design program such as Photojunction, the downloadable Photoshop templates contain the necessary dimensions, resolution, file names and size you will need to match to allow you to place your order. We recommend downloading the templates for the book type you are designing and dragging your designs into them. Alternatively, you should at least just take a peek at the info to ensure your templates match our AsukaBook specifications. If not, adjust accordingly.

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Free online Album Proofing

Did you know you can proof your album design with your client before you place your order? Proof your book with AsukaBook's JPEG uploader online or AsukaBook Maker 2! If you're placing a JPEG order, once your files are uploaded, click the 'Proof' button to synchronize your design to the free online album proofing site. Clicking on the 'Album Layout Website' icon in the Pages tab when in AsukaBook Maker will automatically sync your files to the proofing site. You can then send your client a link which will enable them to leave comments, approve pages, and much more. Learn more...

marketing tip  

Drop Shipping

Save time and ship your order directly to the client. In some cases shipping the album directly to the clients address is necessary. To do so, there is no need to change your order information online. Once you place your order, email customer service with the clients name, address, and your order number, and we will drop ship the order without an invoice to the requested address.

marketing tip  

Cover Samples

Need help deciding which cover material will suit your client best? Having physical material samples your client can see and touch will keep things moving forward when settling on a book format. Email or call customer service to request complimentary swatch samples of our cover materials that you can share during your client meetings. We have faux leather, genuine leather, and a variety of other material samples available for your Zen Layflat Impact, NeoClassic, and Book Bound FLX and LX books.

marketing tip  

Shipping and Handling

Multiple books, multiple orders? Save on shipping and handling! The AsukaBook website will only allow for 5 PDF/JPEG book files to be uploaded per order. If you have more than 3 book files or find yourself placing more than one order on the same day, email or call customer service requesting to consolidate your books into one shipment and save on handling and shipping fees!

marketing tip  

UPDATE Your price list and Offerings

Be sure to download our pricing guide and update your offerings with the new products.

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Curious about the uncoated pages offered on our Art Layflat Collection? Request a sample page today.
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Our AsukaBook Maker 2, AsukaBook InDesign Tool (ABId), and File Checker require updating now and again. Please keep your design software up to date to ensure all products are available for designing and for optimal performance. Keep this in mind with all of your computer software. Are you up to date?
marketing tip  


Make it easy on your clients (and yourself!) by keeping your product lines simple. Pick just a few different book styles to meet each of your clients' needs. We recommend the NeoClassic for a wedding album, Zen Layflat EXD for a parent album, and the Zen Layflat Hard Cover for a guest book or senior album.
marketing tip  


A few quick tips on using the new JPEG system:
* It is recommended to use Safari Internet browser for optimal efficiency.
* Accept Java and/or AsukaNet popup messages and certificates.
* Place the folder of designed JPEG files onto your computer's desktop before browsing.

Learn more...
marketing tip  

Studio Sample Discounts

Remember that you get three discounts, each good for one book at 25% off each calendar year. Log in to your account to check what discounts you have remaining for the year.
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Our NeoClassic Presentation Case is designed a bit differently than the other cases we offer. Click HERE for tips on how to design the NeoClassic Presentation Case with ease.
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Not sure which page finish is perfect for your book project? Contact us to request free sample pages of all three of our page, cover and case finishes. They will come in the mail in just a short time so you can always have them on hand for client meetings or your own reference.
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The Book Bound Soft Cover Book is the perfect AsukaBook to showcase your portfolio images in a high-end product and grow your business. It is lightweight and can easily be carried with you to client meetings, as well as being cost effective to leave behind at local venues.
marketing tip  


Remember to always review your PDF file(s) at a minimum of 100% before placing your order. It is important to check for bleed concerns, text placement and other possible layout concerns found HERE.
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Thanks to the removal of the barcode printed on our Book Bound book line you can now design more freely. No need to work around the barcode printed on the back cover, last inside page, and book jacket flap of your Book Bound book!
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It is important to keep your studio sample books up to date with your latest and greatest images, but without breaking the bank. That's why we provide you with 3 - 25% off discounts each calendar year. Each code provides you 25% off of any book you wish to keep in your studio.
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Your free AB AlbumOnline sideshows can be posted onto your business Facebook page or website to attract future clients. Just check the AB AlbumOnline box when placing any new order and receive the slideshow within 24 hours of your order being sent to production. Learn more...
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Accessible contact information

Be sure to visibly list your contact name, email, and phone number on your website. By not listing this information, or only listing a contact form, you may be discouraging potential clients from booking with you. Review your website from a potential clients perspective. Are these basic details easily accessible?
marketing tip  

Plan Ahead

Go on, get ahead of yourself and plan your end-of-year schedule with our holiday deadlines in mind. By having a schedule to design and order albums sketched out now, you'll avoid last-minute rushes as we near the end of the year. Cheers to being organized and prepared!
marketing tip  

Color Management

We all know proper color management is essential to your AsukaBook turning out perfectly. Our how-to videos on color management offer color setting suggestions as well teach you how to use our color profile before placing your order. Click here to watch.
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Be sure to go to a shoot with a lot of patience and upbeat energy. Animals are extremely sensitive to emotion and energy, so they will be aware of any frustration or impatience you might project. It is important that you keep the owners happy too. So if you sense them getting frustrated because their pet won't sit or stay, make sure they know that you are not frustrated and you don't think it's a big deal. Also, be sure to bring lots of tasty, high-reward treats along to reward dogs when they are posing well for you. Models need to be paid for their hard work!

Courtesy of Grace Chon, Shine Pet Photos
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Opt out of paper invoices in your AsukaBook orders by choosing the option, “Do not include a paper invoice with my shipment” on the order payment page. This will help reduce paper waste and keep your office tidy!
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Clients' personalities

Take the time to discover the unique personalities of your clients. Yes, the images during the ceremony are important and the traditional family shots are valued, but images that show off your clients' personalities, the ones that show who they are, are PRICELESS!

Courtesy of Alycia White, Echo Photography Studios
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Don't over shoot

Do not over shoot a session, you'll have plenty of images to show the client. When there are too many images, it complicates their decision-making process. After they've chosen their favorites for their wall selection, simply offer a fabulous AsukaBook for them to display the rest of the images in.

Courtesy of David Hakamaki, Cutting Edge Photography
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Photoshop Distractions

Tired of seeing your desktop behind those images while in Photoshop? Try pressing the 'F' key to cycle through different screen modes and find one that gets rid of those desktop distractions.

Courtesy of Kubota Image Tools
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album proofing

Top three reasons to view your book layouts at 100%:

1. If you use a design template, this is the only way to make sure you've completely filled the image placeholders.
2. This is the best way to make sure images and design elements are lined up properly.
3. It's a great way to double check your image quality, and triple check your spelling, grammar, and dates in any text.

Courtesy of Red Boot Design